Need help registering a domain name?

We are here if you need help registering a domain name.

How hard is it to register a domain name?

You must know that registering a domain name is very easy. Truthfully, this applies to most domain names.

How to register a domain name

There are 3 easy steps to registering a new domain name:

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  1. Finding the right name. Search to see if your domain name is available. EPIK is a good place to start.

  2. Registration. Once you’ve found a perfect domain name, you register with the domain seller. You need an email address and your personal details such as an address. Depending on the domain registry, you may asked to provide additional details such as a local phone number, company registration documents, etc.

Did you know? Most domain names can be registered for 1 year or longer.

  1. Payment. Again, depending on the seller, there will be various types of payment gateways available. *Credit card *and debit card payments are the most common. Some domain sellers also accept bank account, Paypal, and even cryptocurrency (such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BAT) payments.

  2. Success! Now, the domain name is registered. You can start using it.

What are the exceptions?

However in some cases the domain registration process may require extra steps. Certain domain registries require that all domain registrants (private and/or company) to either be legally incorporated in that country, have a permanent address, or have a legal person (domain legal proxy) to represent you.

Catching expired domain names

Yes, you can purchase expired domain names. Or, even better, you can purchase or bid on a domain name about to expire. If the expiring name really appeals to you.